Vitrucell bowl Zdeněk Lhotský V111

Vitrucell Bowl Small V111

Kiln cast glass bowl, created by using the Vitrucell technique. Vitrucell is unique technology created by Zdenek Lhotsky

Price: 189000.00 Kč

Vitrucell Bowl Zdeněk Lhotský V1130

Bowl V1130

Bowl created by using technique of kiln cast glass called Vitrucell

Price: 189000.00 Kč

DetailsProduct not available

Baroque Decanter

Hot shaped, mold ribed decanter in Baroque style.

Price: 2400.00 Kč

Vitrucell Bowl Small V114

Kiln cast glass bowl, using the Vitrucel melting technique, created and designed by Zdenek Lhotsky.

Price: 189000.00 Kč

DetailsProduct not available
Vase etched with hunting

Vase etched with hunting scene

Extraordinary Art Deco Vase with cut facets and motive of hunting, etched and silverplated

Price: 120000.00 Kč


Jardiniere Art Deco

Cut rosaline crystal jardiniere in Art Deco style

Price: 8000.00 Kč

DetailsProduct not available

Vase Tango

Extraordinary art deco collection called "Tango"

Price: 24000.00 Kč

DetailsProduct not available

Sweatmeat Box

Hot shaped baroque style box

Price: 3200.00 Kč

Set Princess A

High-end luxurious set of wine glasses with engraved coat-of-arms. Classic Bohemian six side facetted cut with upper rim.

Price: 4500.00 Kč

vase t.

very nice

Price: 1500.00 Kč